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Bandsaw Blade Solutions

Choosing the best bandsaw blades for your bandsaw machinery has never been easier with the launch of BandSaw Supplies online catalog.

Made to order locally using the expertise and quality that Doall Blade steel is internationally known for, BandSaw Supplies is a simple and cost-effective way of selecting and purchasing bandsaw blades.

Providing the complete solution to all your bandsaw needs, a full range of bandsaw blades are available to be purchased by our online catalog or phone through, including Carbon Blades, Bimetal Blades, Tungsten Carbide, Knife Blades and Tin Coated Bimetal Blades.

A correctly selected bandsaw blade for your material will out-perform the majority of bandsaw blades on the market.

A concern for most bandsaw blade customers is bandsaw blade failure. BandSaw Supplies explains “Bandsaw blade failure is usually caused by the condition of the bandsaw machine not giving the correct bandsaw blade tension, or bandsaw blade guides being badly worn or not adjusted correctly.”

Other factors that cause problems to your bandsaw blade can be damaged band wheels and worn bearings, as well as ineffective cutting lubricants.

Applying spray mist lubrication when cutting rolled section metals will provide a more effective solution to the common problem of cutting fluid flooding over the job and running onto the floor. Ray Lemon explains “Mist Spray allows the swarf from the steel section to remain dry and this helps in the cleaning down of the Machine.”

For quality bandsaw blades, advice and cost-effective solutions to improve the productivity of your bandsaw blades and bandsaw machine, please contact us.